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Weekend Wrap-Up

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I didn’t accomplish as much this weekend as I had planned, but I did get lots done:

  • I was able to gather all the books for the book sale at the end of the month, and they are in one place. Next step will be to price them, I can do that next weekend.
  • I have three weeks worth of new recipes for Try a New Recipe Tuesday.
  • Planned out my blog for almost the rest of the month. At least I know the direction I’m going, and I can get things posted ahead of time.
  • Filed away all of Buttercup’s papers for the year so far, and cleaned off the school desk. We are no where close to being finished for the year, but at least I’m caught up on the paperwork.
  • I was even able to pamper myself yesterday for a few hours while I had the house to myself. Something that doesn’t happen too often.

As I expected, my family didn’t take to well of my new clean up the clutter plan. I did get Buttercup to clean a lot of trash out of her room, and tomorrow we’ll continue. She’ll warm up to it, especially since I’m doing the same. The important spots I wanted cleaned up were taken care of this weekend. We’ll keep going until it’s done.

Overall, I had a pretty productive weekend, and hope next week will be just as productive. I have my list already started for tomorrow. Possibly, I’ll be able to work on some craft items this week, something I haven’t had time for in a while.

My challenge for this week is to make a short list of easy to accomplish goals. I tend to make a monster list and that can never be completed. This week, with the help of My Confident Mom Planner, I’m keeping my task under control and staying focused on what’s important.



My 2013 Personal Challenge-May

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M is for May

C is for Change

My 2013 Personal Challenge will be change in the month of May.

I have some very big plans for May. Whether I accomplish them or not, is still in question, but here I go anyway.

Challenge #1-Blog Post-a-Day

First, I’ve taken a challenge to blog everyday. That doesn’t mean I’m going to write a post everyday, but my goal is to have fresh material everyday for 31 days. So far, so good. Some of my material will be regular. At least once a week–most likely Monday mornings I’ll be posting the E-book Bundle of the Week. I like to offer my readers these each week because it’s a great way to get some helpful books at a fantastic price. This week is a tech & internet bundle. Learn how to use Pinterest, Evernote and the internet to your advantage, as well as take fantastic iPhone photos. The Paperless Home Organization book is worth the $7.60 itself.

Challenge #2-Clutter-Busting

Second, my family is really in for it with this one. I’m taking Clutter-Busting Challenge. Every day the month of May I’m going to get rid of 7 items–so is everyone in my house.

Here’s the plan:

Everyday, everyone get rid of 7 items. The kids have to take 7 items from both their room and gameroom. Hubby and I are  responsible for the rest of the house–and supervising the kids. These items don’t have to be quality, they can be just the mountain of Mt. Dew cans that Prince Charming seems to be collecting, or the stash of fruit snack and candy wrappers Buttercup has hidden between her bed and nightstand I just found. Then there is the pile on the piano bench beside me that need to be weeded out. Plus, there are those toys the kids have forgotten, and will never touch again (until I mention getting rid of them). Not to mention outgrown and worn out clothes hanging in every closet in the house.

On the weekends, I’ll take the salvageable items and price them for a garage sale to be held later in the summer. I’m fortunate enough to have storage space available. Right off of Prince Charming’s room is a mechanical room. We call it the garage sale room. When it’s gets full, time for a sale. I’m thinking it won’t take long to fill it up this month. That is, if it’s empty. I may be adding it to the Clutter-Busting Challenge.

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin.

I know we’re a couple of days behind, but by this weekend, we’ll be all caught up with our count.

Challenge #3-Books, Books & More Books

My final challenge of the month has to do with the stack of books that seems to grow daily. I have so many here for review, some for this site, and some for my Beach Reads site, as well as other websites. My ultimate goal is to read and have reviews written within 3 weeks of receiving the books. I’ll spend this weekend creating an action plan for that.

I have an ambitious month ahead. Lots to do, and lots of things to keep me busy.

I’ll let you know next week how things are going.

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