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Groceries for $100 A Week??

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That’s right, my goal for 2013 is to get our weekly food bill–minus meat–down to $100 a week.

That’s going to be a chore, but I really think I can do this. Last week I spent around $120 with very little coupons. I also didn’t buy many items that usually carry coupons. Majority of my items were fresh produce, and the meals I planned for this week were made as much from scratch as possible. Some of the recipes included:

  1. Baked Cod Casserole
  2. Beef Stew
  3. Easy BBQ Chicken

Oh, did I mention this is going to be a Friday series? Every week I’ll address different topics that affect my family, and I’m sure affect yours. Hopefully I can help you reduce your food bill while reducing mine.

Not only do I hope to reduce my food bill, but having my family eat healthier is a goal too. The Baked Cod and Beef Stew are both healthy recipes. You can check my Pinterst page for those details.

I stated earlier that I want to spend $100 a week minus meat. My meat purchases are in bulk, and then I divide it out and freeze it. I only purchase what we will eat in about two months time so it will be the freshest. I also don’t buy anymore until what I have is gone. That not only saves money, but saves space in my freezer and ensures my family is receiving the freshest food possible. My meat bill is around $100-$150 every two months.

My family consist of four, but Prince Charming is a very active and eats enough for two people. Leftovers don’t generally hang around long. Sometimes there aren’t any at all. So I’m cooking almost every night. This may be a tough task, but I’m up for it, and I’m willing to try. I may discover my number unrealistic and need to tweak it, never the less, I’m going to spend as little as possible on the highest quality items, that are most important in our budget. Quality food affects the health cost in our budget, our income from time missed at work, and many other things in our lives.


The Easy BBQ Chicken recipe isn’t on pintrest. 3 pounds of chicken (I use breast or tenders because of the white meat), a bottle of quality BBQ sauce (I live in Memphis–that’s very important). Place the chicken in the crock-pot and pour the sauce over. Cook all day on low. Your chicken will be fall apart yummy and ready for sandwiches at dinner time. Use as much sauce as your taste enjoys. I find it generally takes about a bottle to give a really good coating.


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  1. This is totally awesome! It’s right along the lines of the food stamp challenge in the budget you’re setting. Since that falls in line with our budget you know I’m interested!

    • Hi Fox,

      I’m glad to see you here. We’ll see how we can work this out together. We are going to buy a new freezer today to replace the one that’s older than I am. I’ll blog about that next Friday, but I have some really cool topics coming up.

      • I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up! It’s amazing how the holidays and teething took over my life. I missed the blogs I read!

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