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My Crazy Sort of Life–2012

Since you’re all new to my blog I thought I’d give you a little peek into my life. Which always seems to be a little crazy. 2012 was no exception. A broken recliner I thought would never be fixed, and cancelling a dentist appointment in the middle of a Texas theme park were just a couple of the oddball highlights of my year. Here’s how things went with lessons learned.

Everything started off pretty normal–it always does, but it doesn’t take long for things to change. In April my husband announced he had two work trips to make to Texas–one to Austin in June, and one to Dallas in July. I saw these trips as opportunities for at least some sort of family vacation. Prince Charming saw his opportunity to return to his motherland, and Buttercup just saw an opportunity.

We had a great time in Austin. The original  Schlitterbahn Waterpark isn’t far, and the kids and I can’t resist waterparks–but the hubby can. It was a no brainer for us to spend a couple of days there. It was a blast, and we can’t wait to visit the other Schlitterbahn parks.

Another opportunity we had was to take a quick tour of the college on Prince Charming’s short list–University of Texas. Driving around that campus really got him thinking seriously about college, and excited him about this upcoming chapter in his life. We do know he won’t be attending there, but he’s still a Longhorn at heart.

Discoveries made in Austin:

  1. People watching is fun. Especially when an old lady crosses at a crosswalk–with the crossing sign, but as soon as she gets into the middle of the street, the do not cross sign begins to blink. She stops and begins to look around in the air. We weren’t sure what she was looking for, but if you’ve been to Austin, you don’t do that during rush hour on Sixth Street. 
  2. There are panhandlers on every interstate exit downtown. They all seem to have lost everything: they have no money, no home, no car. So how do they buy Sharpies to make their signs and how do they pay their iPhone bills?
  3. Taco Bueno is much better (and less expensive) than Taco Bell. The closest one to us is Little Rock, Arkansas.
  4. As a family, we can eat for about $25 at Whataburger. We have none of those close either.

In July we made our trip to Dallas. Of course the kids and I spent time at Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor while their dad worked. This was the kids first visit to both.

While at Six Flags  Buttercup found the humongous, no wait, ginormous stuffed dog (see the picture) at the baseball throw. The one where you knock down three stacked milk bottles. Well, she asks Prince Charming to win it for her.

The lady running the stand explained the cost, and then the game directions. Before she finished, Prince Charming threw the baseball and cleared off the milk bottles. She looked at the empty stand and said, “Yeah, that’s how you do it.”

He also won his sister a stuffed penguin too that’s much smaller in a different game.

Later that day, I was sitting at a table (watching the gigantic dog) and I remembered Buttercup had a dental checkup that day. Fortunately I had the dentist number on my phone. I called and cancelled the appointment. I was relieved to discover the appointment was for a couple of days later. When I gave the reason for cancelling, they completely understood.

Lessons Learned in Dallas:

  1. Don’t play games until you’re about to leave the theme park, otherwise you’re stuck lugging giant stuffed animals around in the hot sun all afternoon.

In May, while making all these unexpected vacation plans, our recliner broke. You could still sit in it–if you didn’t want to use the footrest, and if you wanted to sit at an awkward angle. I won’t go into all the details because that’s a blog in itself. Needless to say it took three months, and phone calls to the CEO’s offices of both the warranty company and the furniture store owner with the questions, “Would the CEO still have a broken chair in his home after three months? No, then why do I?”

The chair was replaced, with my understanding the broken one would be removed. It wasn’t. We put it on the curb and it disappeared before the next morning.

Prince Charming began his senior year in public high school in August. We thought this would be a wonderful, easy year.. It’s been anything but. Within the first three weeks of school he encountered three schedule changes, and the school encountered one angry mama. We’ve since made peace, and his schedule has been worked out but there are people who cringe when they see me walk on campus. Buttercup has decided she can never attend that school due to all the “friends” I’ve made. Like that was an option anyway.

He’s also started driving. No stories there yet, but stay tuned.

Lessons Learned this Summer:

  1. You’ll pretty well get anything you want as long as you’re nice and know what you want. Even if you do tell people how they are going to do their job.

Thanks for stopping by. From time to time, I’ll give you a peek inside my crazy sort of life. Something is bound to happen soon, it’s been too quiet.

Happy New Year and God Bless.



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