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A Week of Christmas Books–Snowman Specials

I wanted to wrap up the week with a special book subject: the SNOWMAN!!

Personally, I hate snow. It’s wet and cold. Where I live in the South, we don’t get the nice fluffy kind that is powder soft. Ours is the wet kind that melts as soon as you touch it. Plus, we usually get just enough to make a mess.

But, for some odd reason, I love the snowman. I have dishes, plates, a spatula, doormats, and several other decorations that I sometimes put out this time of year with a snowman on them. I even have a dancing one the kids love.

I don’t understand the irony myself. Anyway, here are some snowman books to enjoy with your kids, and don’t forget the hot cocoa with marshmallows.


This book by Lois Ehlert has always been my kids favorite. It’s one we’ve read so much the cover is falling apart. I had so much fun personalizing it to our family, and the kids loved it. We all have such fond memories of this book.

Pull on your mittens and head outside with Lois Ehlert for a snowball day! Grab some snow and start rolling. With a few found objects, like buttons and fabric and seeds, and a little imagination, you can create a whole family out of snow. “Ehlert uses collages of cut paper and vibrant, textured objects to dazzling effect in her tribute to building a snowman–and snowgirl and snowcat. Her inventive designs extend the reader’s perspective and tweak the limits of the picture-book format.”–Publishers Weekly


A Snowman Named Just Bob

This is another fun book the kids enjoyed.

With a message of friendship to warm the coldest nights, Bob the Snowman captures the hearts of adults and children alike. “A Snowman Named Just Bob” is a magical family storybook written by Mark Kimball Moulton and illustrated by artist Karen Hillard Crouch. The playful yet powerful message of friendship will dance off the page and into your heart in this beloved Holiday Classic from Lang Books.

More than 300,000 copies sold since its release in 1999. Currently available as an e-book through Ruckus, and imprint of Scholastic.


A Snowgirl Named Just Sue

The companion book to A Snowman Named Just Bob. Just as much fun.

Love captures Snowman Bob’s heart in this magical sequel to “A Snowman Named Just Bob”. Looming rain and the warmth of an early spring cause Snowman Bob to begin to melt, and his friends worry that their days together are numbered. However, a fresh snowfall and the arrival of a special new friend named Snowgirl Sue show that love can turn Snowman Bob’s drooping frown upside down.

More than 125,000 copies since its release in 2005. Currently available as an e-book through Ruckus, and imprint of Scholastic.

Little Critter: Just a Snowman

Little Critter is another favorite from Prince Charming’s past. We didn’t have this book, but we had many in the series. You can never go wrong with Mercer Mayer.

Hooray! It is a snow day! And what a perfect time to make a snowman. But Little Sister needs help putting on her boots, Dad needs a hand with the shoveling, and Gator wants to build a fort. Will Little Critter ever get to build a snowman?



Snowmen at Christmas & Snowmen at Night & Snowmen at Work


Caralyn & Mark Buehner, make a great team between writing and illustrating. These are fun books to make it through cold winter days.


Snowmen at Christmas: In the quiet of Christmas Eve night, when you and I are dreaming of delights to come, the merry snowmen are heading off to their own celebration. Together they gather for a night of goodies, games, dancing, singing, and – a visit from a very special guest!

Snowmen at Night: Have you ever wondered about the secret life of a snowman?  Maybe one morning his grin is a little crooked, or his tree-branch arms have drooped, and you’ve thought, What do snowmen do at night?

Snowmen at Work: Ten years ago, on the publication of Snowmen at Night, we discovered the secret lives of snowmen. While we humans sleep, the snowmen go sledding, play baseball, and drink cocoa. But now it’s revealed that snowmen don’t just play all night–they have jobs to do, just like the parents of human kids. Dentists replace missing coal from snowman smiles while pet store owners help pair snowkids with their very own snowpuppy or snowfish to love. The pizza man delivers frozen pizza, and factory workers make the coolest toys in town.






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