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Buttercup and Physics 101—Part 2

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If you recall, last week Buttercup decided to test me. We just started the second week of school and she wasn’t acclimating very well. In fact, she didn’t want school to start at all—neither did I, but that’s beside the point. School had started, and the schedule set.

One day she had the brilliant idea she could stay in bed until one in the afternoon. Every time I went to her room to see if she was getting up, she’d roll over and ignore me.

Fine, I can handle this. So after a discussion with her father, who at first thought I’d essentially lost my mind, agreed to the plan.

Since Buttercup wasted her entire day in bed (I had a very productive day completing a lot of neglected task) she would be twice as busy the next.

Bright and early at six a.m. her ipod began barking. Yes, barking. Unbeknownst to her, Dad set her alarm the night before. Since she loves dogs sooooo much, it was a natural choice to select that annoying, real-life sounding dog bark.

The dog bark went on for about 10 minutes. It started annoying me, but I tolerated it. I knew it was more annoying to her.

When the barking stopped, Dad began, in that annoying “Sheldon” way. Poke, poke, poke, “Buttercup,” poke, poke, poke, “Buttercup,” poke, poke, poke, “Buttercup.”

“STOP IT! I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!” She rolled over and attempted to bury herself under her pillows and covers.

“No, you’re not. You did that yesterday. Today is for work. Get up, you’re burning daylight.”

The gratification I received at that moment made it worth having to be up that early myself.

Eventually with a few more pokes, prods, and Dad throwing webkins at her, she decided staying in bed wasn’t worth the trouble. She flopped onto the sofa and gave me this sleepy, evil look.

That’s when I explained Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction

Therefore: When Buttercup decides to stay in bed and sleep all day. She will find herself doing double work the next.

She completely understood this. Did she like it, no. Anytime she decided to whine or complain about having to do sooooo much work, I just simply reminded her: when you sleep all day, you have double work the next. She’d give me her “evil look,” and I’d just smile. It was a fun day for me.

Would you believe I’ve not had any more trouble with her sleeping in on a school day? I can’t wait until we study Newton in history and science. I’m definitely reminding her about this.


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Being a freelance writer, book reviewer, dedicated mom, and popular teacher at her homeschool support group—Renewed Moms Ministry keeps Rhonda Clark extremely busy. She writes most all of her own curriculum for her classes that have varied from elementary science, to middle school history and literature, to high school computer. Her middle school history class, A Renaissance World, will be featured at fall of 2014. When not shuttling her daughter to soccer, archery, bowling, or any other number of endless activities, she devotes time to writing homeschool curriculum and her first novel. Scrapbooking, paper crafting, and reading are downtime activities, but the one thing she enjoys most is spending time with her husband of 20 years. They have two children, a college age son, and a high school age daughter. God blessed Rhonda with a quirky and funky sense of humor. This combines with down home charm, and allows her to connect to readers as a friend. With an ability to put a fresh twist on basic thoughts and Biblical teachings she brings a new perspective to her audience.

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  1. Can you come to my house?? I LOVE this…lol. sometimes I am afraid its me that needs the equal and opposite lesson….thanks for the laugh

    • LOL!! We all need reality checks now and then. I’ve found with teens, it’s easier if they teach themselves the lessons. They don’t want to listen to me anyway, and I’m tired of fussing.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You know, it’s not really my parenting style at all, but I can definitely see where you’re getting with this. It’s interesting to see the way different people raise their children. We’ll see what kind of approach I take when I’ve got teens in the house! I may say it’s not my style now, but we’ll see what happens when I have a teen in the house!

    • I understand. I didn’t do things like this when the kids were younger. You have to find what works for your children. Mine do best with cause and effect. Consequences for their actions speak to them more than punishments. In a lot of cases, they see their own consequences as punishments. I didn’t teach them that, they came wired that way. With Prince Charming about to head out into the world on his own, we want him to understand the earth doesn’t revolve or stand still on his command. His actions affect everyone around him.

      Little ones need easier, more concrete examples. They don’t understand if they don’t take their clothes to the laundry room why they wouldn’t get washed. That’s too abstract. The way I would handle that is no playtime until their clothes are in the laundry room. Chores come first. 🙂 I would be showing them by example.

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